The aim of Together-association is to consolidate multicultural society where various language and culture groups act together.
About us

Galmudug Community Finland ry

Galmudug Community Finland ry is a non-profit association dealing with civil society issues, which especially promotes equality of opportunities and good relations between people belonging to different racial groups. The organization was founded in 2014, but registered in 2016 in Turku. The mission of the organization is to provide guidance, health, social, educational, professional and character development for young people. Usually by offering structured activities such as short and long courses, homework support, trips, sports, trainings, seminars, cooperation development underdeveloped countries.


The mission is simply to provide a safe and structured environment where all young people can interact with their peers. The organization cares about all enerations, regardless of gender, age or ethnic background, especially promoting the diversity of young people and understanding that young people naturally seek excitement, friendship and support, empowering young people through education and promoting diversity through culture and new media.

Core value

Love: We always strive to express unconditional love to all young people regardless of their circumstances. Support: We strive to provide versatile support to ensure that young people are equipped to achieve personal well-being.


Our vision is to create a safe and inspiring place where marginalized youth can participate in engaging, innovative and dynamic development opportunities that positively shape their lives and empower them to give back to their communities in a meaningful way.

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